Onsight case system®

We take a 3-pronged approach to develop your skills to onsight the case

McKinsey BCG Bain case interview preparation

Mission: Step Up Your Career

We are about more than just coaching clients on the case interview. We aim to be a part of our clients' lives as a caring thought-partner and mentor in helping them grow as individuals in their careers and achieving their aspirations. We assign great value to the efficient rigorous 7-step problem-solving process used by McKinsey, and coaching our clients to help them help themselves towards developing unrivaled problem solving skill for success in the case interview process, their careers in management consulting and beyond.  This approach has been tested and refined over the years, has been used to improve the case interview skills of well over 300 candidates, and inspired the book Elements of the Case Interview (available on Amazon.com).

We train our clients in three key areas: (1) Building Strong Habits, (2) Learning Problem-Solving Skills, and (3) Customizing an Action Plan


1. Building strong habits

(i) We help our clients build effective habits through 
nimble real-time feedback and having you practice new habits during the session. This includes strength-based feedback to reinforce your positive habits.

(ii) Our feedback focuses on being p
rescriptive, focusing on the efficient habits you need to develop and that you can practice immediately to improve your problem-solving effectiveness.

2. Learning problem-solving skills

Onsight the case by building problem-solving skills beyond that required.
(i) We coach you to have the problem-solving skills of a consultant, well beyond even that of a strong case interviewee.
(ii) We will score you against the McKinsey bar in the 3 problem solving dimensions used in the interview process. This will also include blunt written feedback provided after every session to motivate you to keep learning.

3. Customizing an action plan

(i) We take a homework-based approach meaning we assign drills for solo practice to sharpen and refine your skills in diagnosed weakness areas.

(ii) We focus on weak-point training by selecting cases chosen to directly target your weak-points and build you up as a consultant.

You only get one shot.  That's why you need to onsight the case

The term "onsight" is used in rock climbing to indicate the successful ascent of a climbing route on first attempt without weighting the rope (i.e., without falling) and without prior information (i.e., no preceding observation of another attempt and having received no advice on the route).  An experienced rock climber will tell you that the only way you can consistently onsight a certain difficulty of rock climb is if you train yourself on higher difficulty climbs in preparation.  

In the same way, we train you in the case interview against a higher standard than that used in the actual interview process so that you will onsight the final round of case interviews.   Most people get at most one chance to interview at the firm of their dreams so we recommend you go into interview day prepared to onsight it.