Coaching Experience

Manu Lakshmanan, Ph.D.
ex-McKinsey interviewer

Manu Lakshmanan ex-McKinsey case interview coach

Manu is a former management consultant at McKinsey and the author of The Elements of the Case Interview (available on  While at McKinsey, he interviewed candidates in the recruiting process.  He's also been working as a coach for more than two years with four case interview coaching companies across which he has helped over 200 applicants prepare for interviews. He is currently Director of Operations Strategy at Blackstone private equity portfolio company DJO Global in Dallas, Texas. 
Manu went through McKinsey's interview process twice, the first time being unsuccessful.  The contrast of these two experiences (one unsuccessful and one successful), and his approaches to preparing during each is what guides his coaching philosophy and the Onsight case system® to help clients successfully onsight the case interview.  
He was recently featured on the Wall Street Oasis podcast, which you can listen to here:

Manu is an ardent rock climber.  The highest grade he has onsighted in indoor lead climbing is 5.11b.  View Manu's MountainProject profile for his outdoor climbing ticks.