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Each coaching session is 1 hour long, and the investment per session varies by how many sessions you choose. A full refund will be issued for unused sessions.  

Our sessions are based on our book The Elements of the Case Interview (available on training our clients in the 3 pillars that comprise the Onsight case system®: (1) strong habits, (2) problem-solving skills, and (3) customizing an action plan.  To learn more about the Onsight case system® and our coaching experience, please refer to these pages:

We make it convenient for you to decide and proceed with working with us:

  1. View our calendar at our Calendly page
  2. Invest in sessions using the checkout above
  3. Schedule a time using our Calendly page
  4. Meet using the Zoom video conferencing link in the calendar invitation that you'll receive.

Note that candidates book 5 sessions on average.


Frequently asked questions

What's your cancellation, "no show" and rescheduling policy?

Coaching sessions can be canceled and/or rescheduled for free with at least 6 hours notice.  If you fail to attend a coaching session ("no show") without advance notice, we cannot issue you a refund.  

Who will be my coach?

We are a growing startup and you can see our list of coaches as we grow on our Coaching Experience page

What does a coaching session entail and what is included?

We will use the time in the coaching session to prepare you to pass the case interview and/or the personal experience interview through personal training based on our Onsight case system®.  We tailor your coaching session based on your strengths, weaknesses, the firm you're interviewing with, and the available preparation timeline before your interview date.  

How soon can I schedule a coaching session or what does your availability generally look like?

You can identify whether your desired time slot is available before making an investment by visiting our Calendly page If your requested time isn't available please feel free to reach out to us to see if we can make an exception to open that slot for you.

Can purchased but unused sessions be refunded?

Yes.  However, the refund will be adjusted for any bulk discount you received.  For example, if you invest in 2 sessions ($244) and only use one session, you will receive a refund of $119 so that your net payment will become the investment for one session (i.e., $125).  

How and when do I schedule sessions?

Sessions can be scheduled on-demand via our Calendly page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

Manu is a miracle worker. He helped me a lot in preparing for my interviews at McKinsey. Manu's knowledge of the interview process is absolutely amazing. He coached me through every step of the process providing me with valuable feedback that really helped me go the extra mile in impressing my interviewers. I got an offer from McKinsey and I honestly couldn't have done it without Manu's assistance.


Manu was great! He gave some insightful advice on key areas where I need to improve on and additional ways that I could elevate my overall performance


Very specific advice that helped me feel much more confident.


Incredibly helpful - I appreciated the stop-start realtime feedback, which was also very actionable and clear.


Exceptional coach that gives important and personalized feedback. Don't look anywhere else.