Aggressive revenue growth framework that you can use on the case interview

In some business situations that your interviewer gives you, the client is focused primarily on revenue growth and isn't as concerned about profitability in the near-term.  (In addition, this question of aggressive revenue growth may come up as a follow-up question within other cases where the interviewer asks you to brainstorm options for the client to grow revenue).  In these cases, you want to show that you can provide a framework that goes beyond the typical "volume" and "price" levers to grow revenue that are in the profitability framework.  You can memorize and apply the following framework catered to your client's specific situation:

aggressive revenue growth framework case interview McKinsey BCG bain

I based this aggressive revenue framework on the concept of return on investment (ROI), since all the growth options involve making an upfront investment to grow revenue.  Which option gives you the best bang for the buck?  Since investments always involve making a major change to the status quo, it is important to keep risk of those disruptions in mind.

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